For our horseback rides, we have different types of horses, suitable for hiking, calm and very kind.


Gelding – Appaloosa – 5 years

Glad is an adorable young horse, cool in all circumstances, a unique personnality in gold!

Marine trains him at TREC when they are not hiking


Mare – ONC – 10 years old


An incomparable kindness with humans, especially the youngest, and a bit grumpy with other horses!


Gelding – Camargue – 17 years old


Pika is Marine’s head horse, small but very tonic, he is the mentor of the hike!


Mare – Belgian Trait – 11 years old


The beautiful and fat Délice accepts all kinds of riders, a monster of kindness, who has only been hiking all her life! She loves kisses on her big nose



Mare – Spanish – 11 years old


An adorable character with beginners, and energetic with riders, she is loved by everyone




Gelding – Trotter – 3 years

The new recruit, very playful and teasing, a future super hiker